XBOX 360 vs PS3

XBOX 360 vs PS3

Performance: Reading the specifications PS3 is more noticeable. Actually, it’s quite inferior to the XBOX. Without getting into too numerous details, the three general-purpose CPU’s of xbox 360 are greater than SPU’s on the PS3.

Graphics The GPU is much noticeable on XBOX 360. It has more powerful FillRate, and more pixel and vertex processing. The identical vertex shader will run much slower on the PS3 than the XBOX 360. The 360 also has a brilliant new way rendering high definition anti aliased back buffers.

To achieve the same result on PS3 is much more expensive. For this cause I think many games will have no choice but to run in non-HD resolutions on the PS3 version, use a lower quality Anti-aliasing technique, or do back buffer upscaling. The last result in all cases is going to be noticeably poorer image quality. 

Another evident point is that right now the xbox 360 already has a very stunning line-up of titles on store tables; the PS3 just launched, and has virtually nothing of interest. As Well, many Xbox360 games are already discounted. PS3 games are all full price since it just launched.

XBOX 360 vs PS3

The PS3 gets one built in (blu-ray). The xbox 360 provides HD-DVD as an add-on for $200. You probably don’t care about HD-DVD right now. But you will shortly (The quality between DVD and HD is comparable to to VHS vs DVD, if you have the right TV) so I indicate paying attention to the war that’s started out.If you rent a BLU-RAY DVD from Bockbuster, it won’t run in your XBOX 360 HD-DVD, and vice versa with the PS3.

ps3 vs xbox 360

Price: This is evident; the XBOX 360 core is only $299. The PS3 is around $499 for the 20GB version. It comes with a hard drive, but you don’t need a hard drive to delight a lot of great games on the 360 so I think it’s fair to compare both core systems.

Xbox 360 vs PS 3 – 2012 Update :


I’ve decided to make this update, as one of the guys who posted a comment, had a clean and good review, thanks “The Third Party” your comment was absolutely great :

“Graphics PS3 > XBOX 360

The PS3 has a Blu-Ray player not found in the XBOX 360, thus PS3 games are released on Blu-Ray disc, and being that Blu-Ray is the most modern form of compact disc (CD), you dont even need personal opinion to decide the better console. Though through my own personal experience, the PS3 is better.

Online PS3 > XBOX 360

The speed online between XBOX 360 and PS3 is relatively unnoticeable, and when it does come for free, ‘relatively unnoticeable is very good. However, if you want the absolute best and are not concerned about price, the XBOX might be a better choice. Unfortunately, due to the XBOX’s low price, it has a large majority of players on its servers who are rabble (low skill, loud mouth, low intelligence, and usually around 12, you can even guess this would be the case in the XBOX 360′s childish looking menu and avatars)

Controller PS3 > XBOX 360

I am 6’2, my hand is about 7-8 inches long from wrist to the end of my middle finger, so when I hold an XBOX controller, I have a hard time finding space for my support fingers (fingers not used to press buttons or triggers) while the PS3′s controllers is wider, and the bridge (area containing the Start, Select, and Home buttons) is dramatically thinner and more compact. This allows you to place your fingers in a variety of ways and positions, a crucial element for anyone who has adult sized hands and is going to play for several hours. Also, it’s lighter, the battery pack is internal and totally hidden, while the XBOX controller is about 1.5-2 times the weight, is so clunky it barely has handles, and has a very large external battery pack sitting right where I’d like to rest my fingers. The XBOX controller is modeled almost exactly after the PS controller, in that it has the same amount of buttons, in the same exact places (excluding the directional pad which trades places with the left analog stick) further proof PS controllers are better is that the original XBOX had only ‘bumpers’ and no triggers, the triggers that would be found on PS controllers were replaced by ‘Black’ and ‘White’ buttons found on the face of the controller, but these buttons were then replaced with triggers taken from the PS controllers design when the console moved into the Seventh Generation along with the PS3 and Wii. The last bit of reasoning, some players like to play using an alternative hand position, such as myself. On my right right hand, I use my middle finger to operate the triggers, while my index finger can rest on the Square/X button for smoother operation of the controller. This is easily accomplished with PS controllers due to its thin wide shape that has served as the base of controller design since the realease of Playstation One, though it is practically impossible on an XBOX controller due to its ‘fat’ and narrow design.

Games Library PS3 < XBOX

The XBOX takes the cake easily on this one, even diehard PS3 fans should be able to see this. Very few games are PS3 Exclusive, and they’re usually not very popular. However, a multitude of games can only be found on the XBOX 360, and a huge pool have expansion packs or add-ons that can only be found on the XBOX 360, such as Oblivion. While the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine can be found on PS3, Horse Armour, Mehrunes Razor and several other tasty add-ons are simply not available on PS3. For a Game Lover this spells disaster, and many people will switch (and have switched) to XBOX 360 in the pursuit of more in-game content. Another example are Halo, Gears of War, and Fable, which are only found on XBOX 360. The PS3 does have its own exclusives, but they cant pull it up to be worthy of beating te XBOX 360′s game library.

Community Size PS3 XBOX 360

The PS3 is a better All-Round choice for most people. A simple evidence is that the Playstation 2 was released in 2000, while the XBOX was released in 2001. Normally, this would mean the PS2 would become obsolete sooner, but it didnt. In any GameStop or EB Games you will find PS3 games, XBOX 360 games, Wii games, GameCube games, and PS2 games. Of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, Microsoft is the only company with a single console being represented. Of the three, Microsoft is the only company with no portable games (such as the PSP or Gameboy). And of the three, Sony is the only company with TWO consoles still active with new releases and decent sized communities (the PS2 is not yet considered obsolete by game providers and is the ONLY Sixth Generation Console with an active community and new release games).
However, it’s not that simple. Everyone is different, you have people who fancy Simple Structuring, which the XBOX provides, and people who appreciate a Complex System, such as the PS3, some people are more oriented towards offline and RPG games, which the XBOX delivers well, and some are more oriented toward competitive online and FPS (First Person Shooter) which is where the PS3 can deliver a more satisfying product. The bottom line is, no one syste is king, which is why they’ve been struggling for power for the last decade. I would personally recommend buying both if you can afford it, they are both excellent consoles and each have their Pros and Cons. I own both and like them both alot, and as ong as there are PS3 fans, XBOX will make better games, as long as there are XBOX fans, PS3 will make better games. Competition is the Mainstay inside video games, and its what makes Video Games great, and new, and different. So if you want to play Fable but love Playstation, buy an XBOX as well, because thats going to drive PS3 to greater heights in an effort to compete, and vice-versa. You want good video games in the future? Buy the games you want no matter the system, or you can pledge DieHard devotion, and pray for the competitions downfall, but you’ll only be destroying the market.”

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Jul 23, 2013 by Name Here

The PS3 has more casual players, and XBOX is for the serious gamers. Why? Online prices, that's why.

xbox is better than ps 3

Jun 21, 2013 by austin

ddude yea ps 3 is free but Xboxes is way better buddy I promise had an xbox for 8 years I loved it then I decided to try ps 3 I hadit for 1 day and then I brought it back the next day

Xbox vs ps3

Jun 04, 2013 by Nikki

Why wont these people just realize that xbox is made for teenage boys and childish adults and ps3s are for the mature field of gamers and the graphics really depend on the game and everyone who thinks that xbox or ps3 is better just says that because its THEIR opinion. Personally, ive been growing up with playstation. With xbox you have to pay for live but with ps3 its free. Ps3 costs more because the title "playstation" is a higher title thats been known for a long time. All of you fanboys of xbox are probably just saying that its better because all of your friends have an xbox and you like to play with them. But really guys, this whole argument is idiotic and childish because everyone has their own opinion no matter who you are. So how bout we all just shut up about which ones better and go actually find out. P.S.- xbox fans, quit trying to make xbox sound better because no one cares. Oh and the xbox controller is hard to hold and it feels weird.
Goodbye fanboys. ;)

Stop arguing

May 30, 2013 by Tavo

why does everyone keep arguing about with one is better there both the same its like saying wich girl would you do if one has big boobs and the other has a nice aass both of them have puzzies and will fuq my point is both consoles are awsome stop arguing


May 22, 2013 by asf

well to those of you saying how the xbox gets the red ring bla bla ive had my xbox since 2008 no red ring while a coulple of friends of mine had the ps3 which got the yellow light of death(ohhhhhhhhhh havent heard of that have u?) haha and the ps3 controller just straight up blows!

PS3 is Better

Mar 17, 2013 by Joey

PS3 Is Way Better Than Xbox 360 Why? Free Internet, Xbox No! Because You Have To Pay $50 a Year. If your rich. ps3 if for gentlemens ;)


Mar 13, 2013 by aaron

good one ps3 is best imo.360 is good to.what we need is a combo ps360 dat wood b awesome

To PS3 users

Feb 13, 2013 by S.F.

You PS3 owners always seem to mention that XBOX online costs money. The only reason that is, is because it is better, while maybe the online for PS3 may have some other features. The XBOX slim got rid of Red Ring Of Death. They are both good consoles, but have some advantages over each other. So there really is no need to complain and yell at each other over which console is better. And on games such as CoD, quit saying that PS3 is better because it's a bunch of 6 y/o on XBOX, because there's such thing as a MUTE BUTTON. Some other comments on this page mentioned that the analog sticks are all over the controller and that's stupid, but its actually a lot better than the s**t which PS3 controllers have. Most of the people that I go to school with have a PS3, but I got an XBOX because I played PS2 for a while and wanted to change things up. Overall, I find XBOX to have better graphics, gameplay, exclusives, and other stuff

timmy persson

Jan 22, 2013 by timmy

It might just be me, or is all xbox fans kind of childish?
I mean it stod the xbox console is made for kids.

Both are Excellent

Dec 20, 2012 by Muzyboy

I think that both consoles are great. Some of my friends own Xbox; Some PS3. I like PS3 for platformer games and racing, I like Xbox for shooters. I personally think Xbox is for Hardcore gamers, well at least that's what they show in the Christmas adds. Anyone who says Xbox is better, or PS3 is better is a fool. They are clearly giving a bios point of view.

Have both but...

Sep 03, 2012 by Steve Twist

Well i can see people really are one way or the other, I dont really think if your a true gamer you would choose one or the other because they both have their individual good points. A couple of things though, to the PS3 fanboys, you really do talk the wierdest shit about pads and games and speed and processing power. You really want the PS3 to urinate over the xbox but it doesnt really. It may have a blu ray player but you could pick up a better one for 80 quid at tesco. they built it so it cant run the blu ray full speed for games which is why you have to install the games and it is not optional. The graphics for the ps3 only games are good but they use trickery and lighting gimmicks to make it seem better, Heavy rain seemed amazing when i first played it but after having done a games technology degree and looking more closely it really isnt all that, The models and texturing leave a lot to be desired. Saying children play xbox is weird cuz everyone i know with just a ps3 is younger than me and its usually guys with done up cars who still live with their parents. Ps3 may not charge for internet but then again when it first came out it was like 500 quid so charging 40 a year on top of that could have been defined as rape. I have a friend who plays bf3 on the xbox and bought a ps3 to play it with his workmates. Hes ok on the xbox but came top of the table everytime on the ps3 which tells me the gamers are not as good. The xbox pad is desiged better than the Ps3 pad and purposely to be used longer, what the guy said above, i am 6'3 and have the same size hands and playing with the ps3 controller is way more uncomfortable over long periods of time, why would you want to change the position of your hands all the time i thought the idea of having the pad was hold it in one position, what the fuck is he doing with it, plus your brain doesnt work symmetrically, and hows moving your thumb left walking forward and moving your right thumb right to look up a good thing. and using a trigger is meant to simulate guns and pedals in a car yet on the ps3 they are the shoulder buttons and not very accurate. The pads from ps3 feel like they have been made by kinder egg. Most of the games on the ps3 are weird and not that exciting, gran torismo being the most boring game ive ever played in my life and the only game i literally fell asleep to whilst playing. the only advantage with the ps3 pad is the d-pad but thats for crappy old arcade games that nobody really gives a fuck about anymore unless your really nostalgic or just holding on to them to show off your ps3 pad. Loading times are slower on the ps3 if you install the games to your xbox, when i saw gta 4 loading on the ps3 there were pictures i had never seen as i was kept waiting to play. Waiting 10 mins for mgs4 to load every level was a pisstake.
Playstation stole their idea from nintendo as it was originally meant to be an addon for the snes like the sega mega cd. The ps3 online second life thing reminds me too much of second life, a bullshit replica which i guess they also stole. And which sad assholes are really going on there anyway. Mass effect is way better with kinect but poor ps3 owners lose out cuz they have no built in voice recognition. Worldwide they have sold more xbox's than ps3's and thats scary considering how many people are in japan and the fact that the xbox 360 franchise has been out nearly 8 years less than the playstation franchise. They stole the trophy idea from xbox achievements. they dont even supply a hd cable with the system, how cheap is that. and the xbox has better games library for actual gamers and not just ps3 fanboy wannabe gamers. the ps3 has internet but lets face it its not as good as sitting at a pc, or even as an iphone safari browser. and they took the one thing real ps3 lovers loved about it which was being able to install linux.

So again to all you PS3 fan boys. Your really need to stop boasting, put your one inch penises away, go play on your 21 inch lcds and stop giving everyone else shit. Real gamers own every console.

The one thing i will say about playstation is the ps vita kicks absolute ass and i preferred uncharted on that to the PS3. Nuff said.

O rly?

Mar 12, 2012 by Josh

Im just gonna say so everyone whos complaining about 360 price and online play, The 360 is sold at a loss, its there just to get Microsofts name out there as a console creator, thats why the online has a monthly/yearly fee because when you buy an Xbox Microsoft ALREADY have made a loss I've played both and I personally prefer xbox, only because the online commununity is simply better, for me at least, everyone has a headset and everyone is willing to talk, the xbox dashboard is easy to navigate with the new apps coming out aswell along with "Inside xbox" which brings us all the up to date information on new games, E3 coverage and comediac shows, personally, I prefer the Xbox 360, hands down.


Mar 08, 2012 by chris

XBox is way better!!! Halo and Call Of Duty are made for it! The controls run nice and smooth!

they are equal

Mar 08, 2012 by Adrian

I think they are the same simply bcause they are both great systems and they have good graphics and that they both have great games so i thnk that they are equal

xbox is better

Mar 04, 2012 by HelplessStar

thanks this helped alot im writing my public speaking for class and i am refering to this information so thank you

Mar 03, 2012 by ps3 to da world

It needs to update. Uncharted is the best gaming franchise in history so far as it is the best in graphics, gameplay and storyline. PSN also has PlayStation Home, which puts PS3 head and shoulders above the rest. PS3 is just better.


Feb 28, 2012 by Mike

PlayStation3 has a BlueRay player. I don't have a XBox360 so I can't speak intelligently on its graphics. PlayStation3 puts holes thru the game discs after a while. It did it to Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3, Blacksite: Area 51, Grand Theft Auto IV, and its only a matter of time better Mortal Kombat's history too! I'm saving up for XBox360 before I'm completely restricted to PlayStation2 again!

in the middle

Feb 22, 2012 by Javier Enrique Ferrer

I have been thinking for a while about getting a PS3. The Xbox is far too expensive for me. True, paying for internet on the Xbox allows you to play a safe and hack-free experience without cheap tricks. But then again, there is a load of cheap "players" online anyway no matter what game you play, whether a shooter or fighting (especially fighting). Besides, a hacker on the PS3 is barely there, and when it is, just leave.
The Xbox 360 is mainly popular for its shooter games, while the PS3 is recognized for great and intense Action/adventure entertainment. Which is what i enjoy more, again this is just an opinion comparison I've made. The only reason Xbox is more popular than PS3 is because it is mainly owned by American Companies (Microsoft) while the PS3 is owned by the Asian country (Sony). You could bet all you want that if you go to japan, you will find a PS3 in every home and barely an Xbox 360.
Game titles belonging to their own companies are recognized as the greatest. For example, for the Xbox 360 there is: Halo, Gears of War, and Left for Dead. (notice they are all shooter games) While for the PS3 there is: God of War, Uncharted, and a few anime franchises/series. (notice they are mainly action/adventure and fighting titles).
I have been always been a PS3 fan ever since I had my own PS2, the only reason I decided to switch to the Xbox 360 (which i own on this day) is because my closest friends own one as well, so I could play with them online.
As i said, this is an opinion i summed up on my own, I don't mean to cause any hate towards either console or fans, but I've been thinking of getting a PS3 for a while now, Xbox 360 is too expensive for me because of all the shit it carries, not only the games.

360 vs PS3

Jan 25, 2012 by John

Are you kidding me?? Only real xbox fanboys still use the 360. PS3 is way more powerful. Its not the size of GPU/CPU/Memory that counts, its the speed. If you only play wow or sega rally then the 360 will do. children only play lame games anyway. With PS3 you can watch bluray with HD audio formats+ free ps-network etc for the same price as a shitty 360(cheap PC-hardware ala 2007). And for the game compairing..look at todays games, PS3 has equal graphics to the 360. And remember, 360 has 1 year head start.

Jan 11, 2012 by Grant Dennis

Buying a gaming system is like buying a car. If you just want to get from point A to point B (very simple, inexpensive, mass produced), then you can get a rusted out truck that barely runs anymore (xbox360). If you want to ride in style, make a scene, and get all the women (goes 200mph+, v8 engine, 500+ hp, sexy as hell), then get an Aston Martin, BMW m6, porsche 911 G2 RS, ect. (PS3)

Xbox360 Is The Best

Dec 29, 2011 by Devin

For all the people who like PS3 go fuck your self. If you think that PS3 is best for 1 sec I'm here to tell your wrong. The new Xbox360 kills all systems. The Xbox looks better and cost cheaper and has the longest life span. Let's just say Xbox runs better. Xbox kills PS3 online better graphics better multiplayer and streams more HD content to your screen. PS3 fans can suck my 10in Dick. B-) LOL

Ps3 Wins

Dec 08, 2011 by Danny

ok i know how you people love different consoles and to tell you the truth i had everything and i do agree the 360 has really childish kids saying words they dont know the 360 also lags i mean like a few years when the xbox and ps3 were out the xbox was better i mean graphics the games and everything but now ps3 is pretty much better i am not saying the 360 is weak but now its not as good as ps3 anymore just face it i mean 360 has lots of problems like the ring of death when the xbox falls doesn't last as long as ps3 i mean the wii u might even be better than the 360 but kinect is good. but i recomend ps3 just look everywere online ps3 beats xbox people who are saying ps3 is weak then give it a chance because im not going to lie im 26 and i play every game on ps3 i be playing my ps3 online for hours and its addict just try ps3

Nov 28, 2011 by James

I have all current generation consoles and have had all previous generation consoles so I believe my opinion should be listened to but its still my opinion and thats the bottom line. You like what you like. Everything in life especially with electronics have competition. The PS3 and the 360 are very similar if compared to the wii. Yes they do have some minor differences and some major ones also. They both have their ups and downs. Most average people who play games usually have more than one console so they can get the best of both worlds. I have both and if I had to choose it would be the PS3. Now once again its my opinion but my reason is that overall it has the best package. Free online gaming, built in blu-ray player with all games on blu-ray discs, and online web browsing just to name some perks that the 360 does not have and those 3 things are very nice to have on a console. So if you had to pick one I would recommend the PS3. Its a big debate everywhere you go about what console is better and its an argument that is always between the fan boys who are one sided on the subject. For the average and casual gamer, the PS3 is no doubt the best overall entertainment package.

Nov 24, 2011 by thatoneguy

Ps3 advantages:
Bluray player (there IS a difference between 1080p streaming and bluray, with bluray being the winner)
Costs less to own
Graphical capabilities (I know a lot of multiplatform games such as Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Madden, Skyrim, etc. look better on the xbox 360 but when it comes to OVERALL graphics, ps3 takes the crown with Uncharted 3 (best-looking game on console) and other great looking exclusives.
Xbox 360 advantages:
Quality/features of online service (cross-game chat, doesn't get hacked...)
free mics, don't need to buy an expensive bluetooth headset, so much more ppl will have voice chat
Kinect available as an accessory
easier to program, so most multiplatform games will look slightly better on the 360.


Nov 21, 2011 by Dana

Just one thing there Trevor...don't you have to pay to be able to use any of that stuff online...? Don't you have to pay a little extra to add wireless capability to any older 360..? Something that has come standard for all ps3s from the start..? As for kinect and move I've played both and quite honestly I can't stand either one...I realize that the technology is just getting its start and it will get better...but at the moment I just don't have the patience for it. As for copying the xbox, just because the xbox had it first does not mean that ps3 copied it...if i had the money and time to create a gigantic network and let anyone use it for free i would do the same thing. The prices for a 360 are outrageous as well...I understand you get better graphics and almost unnoticeably better online play, but still, when deciding on my latest purchase i went with the 320 gig slim ps3 with the infamous 2 bundle, not because I'm a die-hard ps3 fan but because the 360 would cost 50$ more with less memory and i would have to pay 50$ more a year to play online as well. if the 360 prices were a bit lower and online play was free for everyone then i would more than likely be the owner of a new 360 at the moment along with my old ps3. They're both great consoles and if i ever had to pick one to stick with for good it would probably be ps3, because it has more to offer for a lot less.

1 star

Nov 19, 2011 by bryan

the ps3 is the best ans always will be

Ps3 > Xbox

Nov 19, 2011 by Daniel

You're forgetting that Ps3 is the only console that plays Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear kicks the ass of all Xbox games.

And to the guy that said "Xbox 360 has more storage space", that's a load of shit. The top storage memory for both the Xbox 360 and Ps3 are both 320GB. Ps3 also has an expandable memory.

Playstation controllers need to be charged only once a week while you would have to replace the batteries on a Xbox.
Ps3 controllers also have the "SIXAXIS" feature which Xbox hasn't.

And to all the people saying that "Playstation network was shut down blah blah blah" don't remember the fact that Xbox Live was shut down on several occasions.

Playstation 3 plays Blueray disks Blu-ray Discs contain up to 25 GB in storage space. It's quite self explanatory which console is better so all the Xbox fanboys out there, do yourself a favor and buy a Ps3 ;)

Nov 17, 2011 by griffin

ps3 is the best forevur. i like the ps3 because of the good games and better conection.


Nov 17, 2011 by jack

Ps3 is better. Every1 just thinks Xbox is better, because they can't afford a ps3. X box comes around 150 quid while the ps3 comes at 200 quid. X box lovers can't just say X box is better. They can't afford one. Plus, Ps3 has better controller. 2 analog sticks are even while the X box ones are retarded and are all over the place. Plus, Ps3 has FREE online. Can't beleive thick people just buy X box anyway even if they have to pay. You are betrayers to Sony! Betrayers, I tell you! One day, you will beg to SONY!

Nov 17, 2011 by Marcus

Trevor, just so you know you can also go on facebook, twitter, espn, and msn from a ps3. It has a free web browser so really you can go on any site at any time. XBOX is for babies. Red ring, red ring, red ring. XBOX sucks. PS3 all day.

4.1 5.0 53 53 The PS3 has more casual players, and XBOX is for the serious gamers. Why? Online prices, that's why. Xbox 360 and PS 3

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